How to provide KEEP/ETH, KEEP/TBTC Uniswap liquidity and get 1K additional KEEP. Guide for non tech

12.09.2020 changes: As Matt Luongo replied, you can to add liquidity until 31 December 2020 to be eligible for 1K additional KEEP

Russian instruction available here: LINK

You can get this reward, don’t give it for others. Boom! As Matt Luongo announced, you can get 1K additional KEEP award if you provide Uniswap liquidity in KEEP/ETH, KEEP/TBTC pairs. Liquidity should be added until 31st December and holds for 1 month to be eligible. So here is simple step-by-step guide for non tech guys and ladies.

You should be October or November PFK winner with at least 1K KEEP. When you receive your award — you are ready to start. Make sure you have Metamask extension installed (guide). Import your wallet with KEEP award to Metamask.

Liquidity Providing (LP)

Make sure you visit official Uniswap website Also you need to have enough ETH and KEEP for adding liquidity and network fees. You always can see current gas prices in this page: You need to have equal to owned KEEP tokens sum of ETH. For Example, if 1 KEEP cost 0.00045 ETH, for 1K KEEP you need: 0.00045*1000=0.45 ETH. But you should have a little more due gas price fees.

Get back to Uniswap page.

Connect wallet which have enough KEEP and ETH (awarded wallet).

Navigate to “Pool” section

Now push “Add Liquidity”

Now need choose desired pairs — ETH/KEEP or KEEP/TBTC. In this guide I show the first ETH/KEEP pair but principles for other pairs the same. ETH should be chosen automatically (choose if it not). And than push “Select a token” to add KEEP token. Find the “KEEP” in search bar.

If it’s not there, you need to choose another token list. 1Inch should work, “Select” it:

When you choose KEEP, the next step is fill amount of KEEP. Fill desired amount (1K in our example). And than you will see how many ETH you need, it will be calculated automatically. If you agree to put this sum to liquidity, push “Approve KEEP”.

Than you will see Metamask notifications and transaction fee. Confirm it if you still agree :)

Wait till your transaction will be approved:

Now push “Supply”

You can see how many pooled tokens you get and other statistic. Tap “Confirm Supply”. And confirm all Metamask requests

Your transaction submited. Wait till it will processed

When it finished you will see pooled tokens

This is it! Liqudity added and your extra 1K KEEP on the way to your pocket!

Now need to hold the liquidity at least month.

Liquidity Withdrawal

When period ended and you want to withdraw your ETH and KEEP — need to push “Manage” button and click “Remove”. Than follow instructions.

How to prove your liqudity

Need to share your TX HASH. You will find it when tap “View accrued fees and analytics”

Navigate to “Transactions” and find yours. Than push “Add ETH and KEEP”

Now you see all details of your transaction. Copy it and send with your total report to KEEP network Discord “Introduce yourself” channel before 31 December 2020.

Trust math, hold KEEP :)

How do you “Play for Keeps”?

Join KEEP Discord: In order to qualify your submission for Playing for Keeps prizes, you must join KEEP Discord server and give a quick overview of who you are in the introduction message. Make sure you join the Discord.

Submit a Playing for Keeps entry message in #introduce-yourself which includes:

  • A name by which to address you in the channel.
  • Why you’re interested in Keep or tBTC.
  • What you are submitting for Playing for Keeps prizes — This can be an idea if you aren’t ready with a fully formed idea!
  • If you’ve already produced something you want to submit as an entry.

More details about entry requirements are available here.

Follow the Keep #tbtc channel on Discord for more updates on Playing for Keeps.

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